Problems with Improperly Installed Software

One of the most common problems searched for online is how to fix problems relating to computer software installations and compatibility. There are so many factors that could have led your software to malfunction: an error during the software installation, having incompatible software (usually with newer/older operating systems – e.g. running Windows 7 software on a Windows Vista computer) or due to hard drive corruption.

First, you should try to uninstall the software that is malfunctioning. After uninstalling completely (which usually requires you restarting or rebooting your computer) try to reinstall the software again. If it runs correctly after the fresh install, you know what the problem was – just an issue with the first installation (which can also occur due to incomplete file transfers or for other unknown reasons).

If after reinstalling the software it still doesn’t work, you should check the computer system requirements for the particular program to run. The operating systems required for each piece of software will vary – most software will now run on any Microsoft computer running Windows XP or later, but older software may have specific system requirements such as 34 bit or 64 bit. If this is the case, the simplest system upgrades that you can perform are adding more RAM (random access memory) to your system and upgrading the operating system.

You should note that if you are using a Linux-based platform you will probably have to look into purchasing specialized software to run on your system. There is less support for Linux compared to the wider-used Microsoft operating systems, and therefore you will be shopping around more to find a specific computer savvy technician to handle your specific computer challenge.

One way that you can try and limit any improperly installed software is to complete the installation process slowly, reading instructions on everything that you have to do up front. If you just click the ‘next’ button without thinking, you could be installing a version completely unsuited to your computer and your needs.

If you are running a system that meets the requirements and have tried to reinstall the software, it may be worthwhile contacting a computer specialist like Basic Computers (that would be us) or seeking advice from a computer forum. The drivers of your computer may need updating, but be wary of acting on generic advice due to the nature of different software requirements. It would be best to contact your local computer repair facility, like Basic Computers LC. We would be glad to assist you with your software installation or the uninstall of software due to an incompatible system.

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