Keeping Your Computer Virus & Spyware Free

Keeping Your Computer Virus and Spyware Free

Except for step 2, this process needs to be done on a regular schedule, in order to keep your computer in good working order and maintain the processing speeds your accustom to. This process will also delete viruses and spyware hiding in your temporary files, waiting to be activated. If for any reason the defragmenter does not reach completion, it could be an early warning of eminent hard drive failure. It would be a good idea to back up your data and consult a technician before you have data loss.


STEP 1 Cleaning up Internet Explorer Temporary Files and Cookies
While surfing the Internet computers accumulate thousands of temporary files and, if allowed to continue accumulating, they can bring your computer to a standstill by filling up all available hard drive space.

1. Right-click on the Internet Explorer Icon
2. Click Properties
3. Click Delete Files
4. Check delete all offline content, and click OK
5. Click delete Cookies, and click OK to exit, back to Desktop


STEP 2 Creating Desktop Short Cuts for Steps 3 and 4
1. Click Start
2. Highlight Programs/Accessories/System Tools/ Disk Cleanup
3. Right-click Disk Cleanup, Highlight Send To
4. Click Desktop (creating a Desktop short cut)
5. Click Start, Highlight Programs/Accessories/System Tools/Disk Defragmenter
6. Right-click Disk Defragmenter, Highlight Send To
7. Click Desktop (creating a Desktop short cut)

Move Icons to the lower right side of your display, away from all other Icons. I call it the security corner, so when you see them it will be a reminder to complete this Computer house keeping process.


STEP 3 Free Up Space on Your Hard Drive. (Throwing out the trash.)
Disk Cleanup searches your hard drive for old temporary files, Internet cache files, and other unnecessary files that can be safely removed.

1. From the Desktop, Double-click Disk cleanup
2. Click OK to start the process.
3. When a box appears, place a check mark in all boxes.
4. Click OK and click OK again to confirm.


STEP 4 Organize Your Computer Files in Contiguous Manner for Faster Processing.
Disk Defragmenter rearranges files and unused space on your computer’s hard drive, so programs run faster and files open more quickly. It’s like cleaning up a teenager’s bedroom – you’ll find things much faster.

1. From the Desktop, Double-click Defragmenter
2. Highlight Drive C and click Defragment
3. When complete, click close and click the X in the upper right corner of the window.

This process will help keep your computer in top running condition.
Note: To create error free CD’s, DVD’s and Backups complete Step 3 and 4 first.

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