Computer Virus Removal is Crucial

Maintaining the health of your computer is one the most important things you can do. Think of your computer as a child: you wouldn’t feed your child sweets every day without making sure that he/she has cleaned their teeth and you would take then for regular check-ups. Your computer deserves the same attention! The average person downloads hundreds of pieces of information every year (music files, photos, software etc.) without thinking about what danger may be lurking in the files.

Regular maintenance of your computer can help to remove any worms, key loggers, malware, spyware or regular nuisance computer viruses that may be infecting your computer. And with the increased popularity of internet banking and social media, more and more people are finding their bank accounts targeted by hackers and their email accounts the victims of mass virus attacks. If you are not checking exactly what is in each file that you download, you are exposing yourself and your contacts to a lot of danger.

Today it has become increasingly important to continue to purchase and maintain anti-virus software such as Norton or McAfee to prevent infestations. New developments in coding have meant that there are many free alternatives, like the Microsoft Windows Firewall, offered when you use their operating system as a secondary layer of protection. Anti-virus software often runs in the background (you won’t keep it actively open) passively scanning everything that you download and searching your current files or blocking active attacks.

There are many people who have found themselves paying for a reformat of their computer – ultimately paying a computer expert to have their computer wiped cleaned of everything stored on it due to a serious virus infection that has been allowed to corrupt the entire system. This often means that all of your valuable files are gone: photos, documents and software. Everything you have ever had saved will no longer be accessed and neither will your current operating system.

If you feel your computer desktop or laptop has been attacked and infested by a computer virus you may experience several symptons such as: a slow down in performance, erratic behaviour, replication of files, unrecognized files appearing, and other behaviors that were not present prior to the incident. We recommend that you immediately shut the computer down and call us at Basic Computer LC (410-298-6498) and get a free consultation on what to do next. We can help you recover those lost files!

We repair all makes and models of laptops, desktops & notebooks in the Baltimore Metro Area including Pikesville, Reisterstown, Woodlawn, Catonsville, Randallstown, Towson, and more. Call us at 410-298-6498.

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